ReiBoot 10.10.8 Reviews Fix Any iOS System Issues At One Place

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Reiboot 10.10.8 iPhone System Recovery and Details

Reiboot Review created by Tenorshare is a software program that assists users in resolving common problems with their iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch. This software is capable of tackling numerous iOS system errors, including boot loops, unresponsive screens, and being stuck on with the Apple logo. Reiboot is a robust tool that enables users to enter or exit recovery mode easily, which is a major advantage over manually using iTunes. It can also fix several iOS system errors without causing any data loss. This program is a reliable and secure method for repairing your iOS device, eliminating the need for a costly professional.

ReiBoot Review

Reiboot Portable offers significant benefits, and one of the most notable is it is an easily-operable interface. The software’s simplicity is apparent, making it accessible to everyone. By connecting your iOS device to your computer, launching the program, and selecting the relevant button. you can easily resolve any problem without requiring any technical skills or experience. Additionally, Reiboot is highly compatible, functioning with all iOS devices, including the latest iPhone models and versions of iOS. This means that regardless of your iOS device type, Reiboot can efficiently troubleshoot any difficulties you encounter.

Reiboot Scanner and Alternatives Full Review

Reiboot For Windows is not only a fast and reliable solution for fixing most common iOS system errors within minutes. It also ensures the safety and security of the process. With no risk of data loss, you can be confident that your device will be back to normal in no time. Specifically, Reiboot has the key feature of fixing the Apple logo issue, which is a common problem for many iOS users. This issue can be frustrating but with Reiboot, you can quickly and easily fix it and start using your device as normal. Additionally, Reiboot can also fix another frustrating issue, which is an iPhone stuck in recovery mode. Thanks to Reiboot, you can easily fix this issue and have your iPhone back in working order.

ReiBoot For PC provides an additional functionality named Fix All iOS stuck, which can effectively resolve a range of other iOS system problems. Such as unresponsive screens, black screens, and more. By simply clicking the button, this feature can promptly diagnose and repair any issues that make occur on your iOS device. Apart from addressing iOS system issues, Reiboot also includes various other features that enable you to manage your iOS device. It also may be used to enter and leave DFU mode, Which enables you to return your device to its factory settings. If you need to completely delete the data on your device. This function can be extremely helpful.

ReiBoot Key Feature:

  • Despite that, ReiBoot is a software program for resolving common iOS system issues.
  • Black screens, Apple logos that won’t move, boot loops, and other problems may all be fixed by it.
  • It supports all iOS devices and runs on both Mac and Windows operating systems.
  • ReiBoot removes the need for device buttons by enabling one-click entry and exit of Recovery Mode.
  • Also, it can recover iOS devices without erasing data and downgrading iOS versions.
  • An easily-operable interface and quick repair times are provided by ReiBoot.
  • Millions of users trust the application globally, and leading tech blogs have given it favorable ratings.

ReiBoot iphone

What’s New In ReiBoot?

  • The most recent version of iOS 15 and iPhone 13 are now supported by ReiBoot.
  • It now has a brand-new function”Repair Operating System” that can repair more severe iOS system issues.
  • To make it more easily operable and intuitive, the user interface has been changing.
  • Reiboot also contains a new function”Advanced Repair” that can fix more difficult iOS problems, including a disabled device, an inoperative touch screen, and more.
  • The program’s overall performance has increased, making it quicker and more dependable.


  • Additionally, it is highly efficient and requires minimal effort to operate.
  • May resolve a variety of iOS system issues, including stuck Apple logos, white screens, black screens, and more.
  • Supports the most recent iOS versions on all iOS devices.
  • May use a single click to go into and out of recovery mode.
  • May often resolve the problems without affecting data.
  • Also, the free trial version is available.


  • Firstly, it should be noted that certainly improved functions are exclusively available in the paid edition.
  • Secondly, Reiboot may not be able to resolve all problems, and some may necessitate a more thorough remedy.
  • In addition, it may operate sluggishly or fail to respond on occasion, particularly when dealing with more intricate issues.
  • Lastly, inexperienced users can dislike it, and if used incorrectly, it might perhaps do more harm than good.

System Requirements:

  • OS: Windows 10, 8.1, 8, 7 Vista or XP or macOS.
  • Processor: 1 GHz required.
  • RAM: 256 MB minimal and recommended 1024.
  • Hard Disk Space: 200 MB free space.
  • iTunes version: iTunes 12.7 or above.

How To Install it?

  1. Visit the official website to download the ReiBoot setup file.
  2. To start the installation procedure, double-click the setup file that you downloaded.
  3. Click “OK” after selecting the installation language.
  4. After reading the license agreement, move on by clicking “Agree”.
  5. Choose the installation location for ReiBoot, or go with the default.
  6. Choose extra actions like running the app after installation or making a desktop icon.
  7. To start the installation procedure, click “install”
  8. Once the installation is complete, click” complete” to shut off the installer.
  9. Finally, to launch Reiboot Double-click the desktop icon to start Reiboot, or use the start menu.


Moreover, ReiBoot also provides the iOS Data Backup and Restore tool, which makes it simple to save and restore your iOS data. This capability is useful if you need to move your data to a new device or to ensure your data’s security. Moreover, ReiBoot I a great utility for anyone with an iOS device overall. It is a straightforward, efficient, and dependable cure for several typical iOS system problems.ReiBoot can assist you with returning to using your iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch as usual if you are having issues with one of these devices.

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